love it, but lonely.

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  1. i know go to the gym, join a club, i feel like such a hermit, i love trading, i scalp, and i would be much more profitable if i just traded the open and close, but i do not mind churning the noon hour as i have nothing else to do, i quit drinking 7 months ago, and its been a rough go, the whole country song story, broke up with the girl friend, moved, swayed away from friends. should i even be trading, back with the same llc ,first time back in a year as my drinking was throwing it off last time,( was still profitable just similar situation ) working , eating, sleeping, and all in the same place is depressing. and i think im too cheap to pay for an office, i bought a more mobile setup this time and trade from a family members house sometimes to force myself out. interaction with other humans seems to be needed, chat rooms , skype and so on , just does not cut it , i would love to work in an active firm as i did my first year at swift , but wont go back there for more than one reason, glad i had the opp to learn the basics of the market there , no thanks to anyone except for Mr money , and platform, what should i do traders? anyone up for some company? sounds sad i know. maybe i am just stuck in purgatory for a bit, and will be out soon. and maybe this stupid thread doesn't even make sense , sorry if its just a whining one, think it may be my first also.
  2. Teach me how to trade and I'll teach you how to be social :)
  3. sounds like the dream... grow your account, work on your strategy and when your rich you can buy a social scene
  4. if i have learned one thing , its that money does not make you happy, if anything it can do the complete opposite.

    as for teaching how to trade, a feel for the market is what i use, and thousands of hours in front of the screen is how i did it, not saying i know much , but i know how to make money. unfortunately with my partying i knew how to spend twice as much,

    trick is you can use a simple basic near useless method, combine it with guts, and control your emotions( which i am having trouble with lately) and you can be profitable no problem.

    id teach someone i guess, just not sure if it would affect my trading, i was payed to train a branch a few years back, on a week intervention as it was failing, and they did have there first success's within two weeks of me being there, but advice is best explained in the song sunsreen which everyone should watch on youtube its very good for the spirit.
  5. This is an interesting topic.

    Think of it this way....some problems are good problems.

    Being social can be a problem I can imagine......but that's probably not most people's problem.

    I would imagine you can learn to enjoy life a bit more eventually. Most people aren't financially comfortable. So this would be suggestive that attaining some form of fincancial success is a bit harder to do than the aspects of life.

    So this problem....this current, potentially short/minor problem you are facing, is the one that many people don't have to worry about.

    So you've licked the problem that is obviously harder for most people to solve.

    I say all that to say.....that it's not all bad.

    Good post, good luck.
  6. Trading is a lonely affair. I know how you feel. My last relationship ending partly (there were a kazillion other reasons too lol) because he didn't understand why I needed to be up and alone from 2am-10 on most trading days... lol. Sheesh I never complained about his fantasy football addiction....
    I guess I'm "lucky" I have a job that forces me to interact with people... some I've known for a decade and others are traveling professionals who have fascinating stories and we develop friendships at times.
    I'm also not feeling lonely because after being a mother to three kids for so long (they're finally, finally learning to fly) I relish being able to have uninterrupted time where I can concentrate on something I love.
    I've always been an infoholic and love the internets so much that I tend to be "anti-social". No I don't want to go to all those bbqs and bday parties, I did that for almost 20 years, so now I attend only very close friends and family members' events. One of the many reasons I moved to Hawaii was to avoid the every-single-weekend family gatherings that drained me of time and made me brain-numb.
    My advice is offer to babysit someone's kids, preferably three or more, for a week. You will be so glad to be alone after that.
    I'm not kidding.
  7. What part of florida do you live? Florida could be downright depressing.
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    r u up for a little adventure?
  9. You are looking for the wrong kind of socializing.

    The wrong kind is what got you in trouble before. It's not the social life - it's the type of social life. It will match whatever your value system at the time is. So if your value system is screwed up, guess what type of crowd you will gravitate to?

    That has nothing to do with your skill as a trader. You have said you can make money, so you have the skill. But being a skillful trader doesn't define your personality. In fact, if the traits that make you good at something are being obstinate, belligerent and impetuous, your success in one field may be a hindrance to your social development.

    This is where the phrase "Success in business, failure in life" comes from.

    So first look inside, before you look for a social fix from the outside. Being alone doesn't have to mean you are lonely. When you are happy with yourself as you are, you will find others who will like you for what you are - not just because you can bang your chest and howl "Look at me! I'm a great trader!" (Not saying that you do that now.)
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    Why don't you move into a flatshare in town with some young professionals?

    Do some charity work in a sociable environment?

    Get a part-time job (outside RTH) doing something you really enjoy, and something that will bring you into contact with people?

    Travel the world, trading on the road for six months?

    With financial security and so much flexibility, your options are limitless.
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