Love, God, etc. Their address is 1 Right Hemisphere

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    And we are all required to live in 1 Left Hemisphere. Interestingly, Poetry engages both sides. Music. Mathematics perhaps even more.

    Politics is strictly a left hemisphere activity. Spirituality mostly a right hemisphere one, but Religion mostly a left hemisphere one. The truly beautiful subjects have their origin in the right, and are expressed (made understood) through the left. When there is no loss in translation, that is supreme art.
  2. osho on matter-spirit:

    I AM NOT FOR AVOIDING ANYTHING IN LIFE -- not even materialism. Life
    has to be transformed, not avoided. IF YOU AVOID LIFE, you will remain
    immature. Life is a great blessing, an opportunity to grow, a
    challenge, a constant challenge that helps awareness, centering,
    grounding. Nothing has to be avoided. THAT IS THE ANCIENTMOST
    STUPIDITY. Man has been living under its shadow for so long that it has
    become almost part of his blood, his bones, his very marrow.
    MATERIALISM IS PERFECTLY GOOD IN ITS PLACE. If there is matter, matter
    has to be absorbed in a total life view. It has not to be avoided; it
    has to be used as a steppingstone towards spirituality. THERE IS NO
    been told again and again for thousands of years. You have been
    conditioned so much -- the conditioning has gone deep -- that nobody
    ever thinks about it again. It is one of the greatest calamities that
    has happened to humanity. MATTER IS THE OUTER SIDE OF SPIRIT,
    SPIRIT IS THE INNER SIDE OF MATTER. They are not separate. The outside
    and the inside cannot be separate, they are inseparable, they are
    inevitably together.

    SPIRIT; they are not divided anywhere. They are not divided in you;
    your body and your soul are functioning totally together in deep
    synchronicity. You can experience it. If your body is sick, your
    innermost core also becomes sad. And if your innermost core is joyous,
    your body also wants to dance. I am not for any escapist
    attitude. I AM NOT FOR ANY SPLIT IN YOU, I want you to be one. I want
    you to be integrated. I want you to be totally natural, accepting,
    affirming. I teach you a materialist/spiritualist approach to life. It
    has never been done before -- that's why I am so much condemned. I
    accept it. I don't feel any trouble with it, because that is natural....

    THE EAST HAS REMAINED POOR, STARVING. Its outside is ugly. It has
    found some inner secrets, but its outside is sick, its outside is almost
    not worth living. It has committed a suicide on the outside, just as the
    West had committed a suicide on the inside.

    THE WEST has enough technology, enough science, enough affluence,
    enough money, but something of the inner is missing. There is no peace,
    no silence, no joy, no bliss, no meditativeness, no experience of
    godliness. It is time we should see that up to now humanity has lived
  3. The first few times I meditated I got extremely aroused. What's up with that?
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    Right hand path or left hand path. Right and left eye of horus.
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    rien trop
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    That has always been my view, as well. But I would argue that something always gets lost in translation, the key is to try to minimize it. Our language is not rich enough to express all of our sentiments.... In addition everyone has their subjective view of everything. That goes for both language, mathematics and art..