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  1. It is astonishing that so many websites are so badly designed.

    The first thing you have to do to attract clients is making it simple for them to find easily all the information they need.
    I've been looking through a number of websites and after a short time i give up searching.

    To find an answer to your questions you sometimes have to go through dozens of pages, you sometimes have to guess where the information might be found, and sometimes the information isn't even available ( or so well hidden that i thought it wasn't available).

    Is it so difficult to design a logical structure where everybody can easily find what he is looking for? Pages that load slow and intros that are chasing potential clients away.

    Questions that need answer normally are:
    what's the minimum amount?
    which markets do they cover?
    what are the commissions?
    what platforms are used?
    email, phone and fax numbers?
    correct and complete information about funding an account.

    I found websites where you couldn't find the minimum amount to open an account. This seems to me the most essential information.
    I found websites where the information about their bank was incomplete or where the account number was even wrong!

    Websites are to me very important for image building. Make a lousy website and people see you as amateur. If you are not able to design a clear website how would you be able to serve your client conveniently?
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    Other things are lousey too. I always felt that the lack of info is designed to get you on the phone with a nice friendly closer who will put an end to your fact finding misery.
  3. But from the moment on they have your identity they call you over and over again. You have to justify them why you do not become client with them.
    So i prefer to choose in all tranquility without having to fear to be terrorized by brokers.
    If i can't find what i need i move on to the next one.

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    I usually give up when pages load so slowly, figuring their service is similar !