Louisville Cards? - Rutgers Knights? What the F?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Wayne Gibbous, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Who the f**k are they???

    For gawd's sake, are they even 1-A? :confused:

    Geez, wait till they play a REAL team!

    Pasty-white liberal arts girl's schools... :mad:

  2. Yeh right, it's another offensive juggernaut by the Gators today. You have to run 15 gadget plays a game just to move the ball. Louisville would pound you guys and so would Rutgers or WVU.
  3. Congrats on putting up a big 17 points on South Carolina at home. I can't wait for you to get West Virginia in a BCS game. It's gonna be a laugher from the opening kickoff. :p
  4. Heh...well, them Gators didn't really sparkle against SC, I'll give ya that...

    But heck, they were playing The Ole Ball Coach you know! :p

    FLA has had the toughest sched of any team this year. They are surviving.

    And they are going to be ranked #3.

    Now go back to your Lacrosse playin' wuss schools. Real men are discussing real FB teams!

    Just messing with you! :D
  5. Freakin' Rutgers.

    Give me a break

    Back to soccer for those guyz...

    Gators beat some schlubs 62 - 0?

    Sounds like the OLD Gators! :p

    Gotta Luv dem Gators!!!!

    <img src="http://www.igo4uf.com/igo4uf/images/Gator-HeadAnimate.gif"/img>
  7. such a close game!
    RU was kickin ass.