Louisiana Governor Jindal proposes ending state income tax

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gwb-trading, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    Im in favour of eliminating all Corporate taxes. Not sure if you saw that video i posted earlier with Milton Friedman, but basically Friedman points out the fact that Corporate Taxes are an illusion as they always end up becoming taxes on people in one form or another, whether it be through inflation, or lower employment, or less innovation, lower wages, smaller dividends, etc...

    His point is that atleast if all of the taxes are charged from the citizens then people actually have the concrete numbers as to how much the government is costing them, and there is no illusion that liberals like to play, whereby you can tax corporations, and it doesnt cost the citizenry a dime.

    Plus if we did it, we would see a boom, the likes of which we havent seen since the tech bubble, we live in a global economy, and these companies can choose to situate themselves wherever they want to, most of them would come to the states for stability, if we got our shit together, and we had the lowest tax rate.
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    A boom? You mean people profiting? (shudder)

    I think the current liberal trend is for everyone to have the same government provided income and for companies to deliver all of their products to the government for centralized distribution. The Marxism exhibited by the Obama regime and half the population makes even the Russians apprehensive.