Louise Yamada technicals

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NoProblem, Nov 19, 2008.

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    great post - thanks
  2. Did y'all "buy the dip bulls" catch the comment about "extended oversold is the hallmark of a bear market"?

    Bottom fish here with great caution and at your peril.
  3. I think it's good news. She makes a good point about oversold conditions being dangerous in a bear market, a lesson I learned at my expense having literally averaged down in the crash.
    However at this juncture I believe it's wrong to think you must wait for the oversold condition to be relieved as she says.

    I respect her work but I also think she's wrong about the dollar (she says it's a pullback, com'on look at cable) and commodities, especially oil (also a pullback within an uptrend she says).
    This is in no way a pullback IMO, this is either a multi year reversal or the break of the trend for a large range .