Louis Vuitton kicks the hornet's nest

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by wilburbear, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Most the people I see sporting those bags today look just like the image but 300lbs heavier and sporting a weave of some kind.
  2. Knockoffs are always available now.

    You can't shut down the internet.
  3. hiptogo


    cant believe LVs are still in.

    i kno ballenciaga had a good spike. lol

    man where these ppl getting their money from?
  4. cherry pie (14 March 2011 03.47)

    ".... when I was a whore I could really get alot of johns with my louis vuitton bag. It made me look really classy and gave me a better price on my bj!"

  5. When i see a Louis Vuitton hand bag I think " coke whore" imm. But that's because I spent some of the eighties locked in public restrooms with hoochy mamas who took that stuff seriously.