Louis Navellier master spammer.

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  1. who in the trading business hasnt been spammed by Louis Navellier bragging about his last stock that doubled. just today i got this:

    "The stock market sold off 139 points yesterday.
    The market is down another 143 points as I write this.
    The Dow is down -16% since its October 2007.
    Home prices were down another -12% in June.
    And rising food and fuel food prices are sending inflation
    through the roof.

    More Bad News...

    As the market was going to hell and a hand basket over the past
    12 months...
    Our conservative Emerging Growth stocks were UP 45%
    Our moderately aggressive stocks were UP 78% and
    Our real aggressive stocks were UP 152%"

    so i decide to do a little research and here is the rest of the story as they say. here is the performance of his mutual funds:

    Navellier Millennium Intl Gro YTD -15.49% 3 Year* 13.40%
    Navellier Fundamental A Port YTD -23.24% 3 Year* 3.26%
    Navellier Mid Cap Growth CL I YTD -16.81% 3 Year* 1.03%
    Navellier Aggressive Micro-Cap YTD -15.73% 3 Year* -2.70%
    Navellier Mid Cap Growth Reg YTD -17.01% 3 Year* 0.66%
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    I have been spammed by him more times than I can count. Louis Navellier and Ken Fisher make a good tandem.
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