Loughner is a Live-at-Home Loser

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  1. A Tea Party soldier? Yeah, right
    By Howie Carr
    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Jared Loughner is a basement boy, a live-at-home loser.

    This is what’s killed the limousine liberals’ desperate attempts to paint this guy as anything other than what he is, which is a nobody. It’s impossible to build a proper conspiracy theory around Beavis and Butt-head.

    Everybody knows some loser kid who’s never left home. Of course, they’re not homicidal, but they’re also not involved in any conspiracies either, except maybe to get high. There’s a Jared Loughner on every block in America.

    Consider this layabout’s pre-shooting life: 22 years old, lived with his parents, didn’t have a job, didn’t have a girlfriend, couldn’t even pass the drug test to get into the Army. Worshipped a skull in his dad’s backyard. He’d even been thrown out of community college — something that has never before happened to anyone, ever.

    Talk radio? He didn’t listen to AM radio, he didn’t listen to FM radio, he listened to his iPod, dude.

    The Tea Party? Try Hempfest.

    Glenn Beck? Try Beck’s beer. Or maybe just Beck, and how does his most famous song go: “I’m a loser, baby.”

    Yes, you are, Jared. He didn’t even have a car. He took a cab to the congresswoman’s meet-and-greet. And then stiffed the cabbie.

    This is the guy the rumpswabs and bowtied bumkissers are trying to make into the Timothy McVeigh of the 21st century.

    The limousine liberals are trying to resurrect 1995 and the days of the Michigan militia and Oklahoma City. Those were the days, my friend — the Internet barely existed and Fox News didn’t. How long ago was it? People actually read the Sunday Globe back then.

    But times have changed. The Big Lie just isn’t what it used to be. Just ask Dan Rather and “60 Minutes.” What was the famous New York Times [NYT] headline about the Texas Air National Guard memos — “Fake but Accurate”?

    Most people now instinctively understand that you can always tell when the network anchors are lying — their lips are moving.

    But the real reason people know this isn’t a giant right-wing conspiracy is because they know local losers like Jared Loughner. They may live with their parents, but I guarantee you, none of them will be shoveling out the driveway today.

    Yet all these Obama-worshipping liberals want you to believe Loughner was a storm trooper of “vitriol,” their new favorite word. But it would take a battalion of Jayson Blairs to make this guy anyone more than he was — a nut.

    Rush Limbaugh? The only Rush Jared knew was the band, and just barely.

    Someone cue Jared Loughner’s theme song, by Beck . . . “I’m a loser baby . . .”
  2. olias


    that's a pretty stupid article in my opinion. It's way too defensive this early in the process. At this point no one fully understands what factors played into this kid's actions.

    Also, this write exposed himself as a dumbass and a prick with his assertion that Loughner is a 'loser' because he doesn't have a job or a girlfriend.
  3. Lucrum


    Though I see your point, that sure sounds like a loser to me.
  4. Except that its Sarah Palins fault. They knew that before the bullet finished going through the congresswomans head.
  5. olias


    can you show me who said 'this is Sarah Palin's fault'? I want something specific if you can provide it.

    I think you're twisting the message a bit and we can't have a productive debate if you start twisting what people are saying
  6. olias


    not everyone wants a girlfriend first of all. You're more of a 'loser' if you're in a relationship where the girl treats you like crap, which a lot of people put up with. And why do they put up with it? because they don't want people to think they're a loser with no girlfriend probably. A 'loser' does things because they are concerned with what other people think about them. Think about that movie 'American Beauty'. The husband was loser when he was not being true to himself, but by society's standards he was doing great: beautiful wife, nice house, nice job.

    He became a real man when he got fired, worked the drive-thru, smoked dope, let his wife have the affair....basically when he stopped caring about keeping up appearances.

    I think we need to redefine what a 'loser' is.

    oh and let's not send the message that every 22 year old without a job right now is a loser
  7. A man needs a woman of his own by his side, and a man also needs gainful employment of some type. To say otherwise... well, you're just fighting basic biology and psychology.
  8. Hello


    I agree.

    What purpose do you have, or what goals do you hope to achieve, if you have no job, no house, no assets and no girlfriend? In my opinion if that is how you stand, and you are comfortable living like that, there really isnt much that seperates you from a homeless person on the street who has given up on life, your life holds very little meaning at that point, and thus you have nothing to lose. When you live life like that your genes die with you, and you have fought the basic laws of evolution which were the direct result of you being alive to begin with.

    There are some outliers in that equation, people like Mother Theresa, but people like that still have some sort of goal, or something they hope to accomplish, they are not just wandering aimlessly through life.

    Dont know if that sums up how you think, but that is how i think.