Loudest traders on ET: are they Profitable?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by shortie, May 19, 2008.

The loundest traders on ET: are they Profitable?

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  1. The loudest traders on ET: are they Profitable?
  3. I have a feeling a lot of them are making up for shitty trading by making others believe they are actually good.
  4. Speaking of loudmouths and being profitable, how much money did you make on riskfreetrading's live call today?

    LOL :D

    Case Closed

    Thread Over :p

    ... it's always the case, that when you have one finger pointing at someone else, there are three more pointing back at you.
  5. generally,

    wealthy people covet privacy and secrecy

    wannabes trumpet their self-believed abilities (see for example, stock_trad3r and a few others...)

  6. Yes, Sure 1 5.26%
    No Way 9 47.37%
    Maybe 6 31.58%
    Go Back to Your Sandbox with Riskfree 3 15.79%
  7. Shortie,

    I think you need to be a little more clear, what do you mean by loudest? Are you referring as “loudest” to those who post day after day the same BS and gibberish about their personal guesses in the market place and despite being wrong many more times then they are right will dance around and post about themselves dozens of times a day on that rare day they are correct? Maybe its those kids that do nothing here but make up stories of glory about how they started with 50 cents and now own everyone here and can double their money each 2 months and need to start 2 or 3 threads a day to make up stories to keep people talking about them. Maybe its even the second or third screen names those two kinds of people make up to laud their other screen names with major accolades when the market moves a buck in the direction of their guess and are no where to be found when the market move 15 bucks back in their face. Or it just could be the kind of guys who keep saying they make money on this market and that market and they nailed this and that perfectly but just never seem to have time to post it before the markets moved.

    So you see you need to be more specific when you ask something like you did.
  8. You're asking him to think ... that's too hard for him to do by himself.
  9. True, I guess he'll wait to see what riskytrading says and then just agree with him
  10. Shortie is one of the most intelligent and educated people I have come across in this forum. I think that you need to be respectful of educated people. I would not be surprised if he earned very high degrees. So, be a little respectful of yourself by respecting educated people.
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