Loud Motorcylces suck

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ChkitOut, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. and so do the people that ride them.

    Still trying to figure out where they get the right to disturb an entire neighborhood, day in and day out. I don't see that in the constitution.
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    As do people with lawn mowers. :D
  3. not even close. last i checked lawn mowers dont set off car alarms! :eek: but yeah, silent lawn mowers would be a great invention. :D
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    If they've removed the baffles/muffler from their motorcycle you can get the police to ticket them.
  5. yes, these are the bikes im referring to. I certainly don't have anything against a factory bike being a little loud. Its the window shattering a-holes I can't stand.
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    Last i checked my neighbours dont mow their lawn at three in the morning.

    But if they do they are going to be in for a rude awakening. It is much tougher to make a hasty retreat with a lawn mower, then a motorcycle. :D

    When I was a dumb kid in highschool, me and my friend used to go to underground parking lots in his car, with his muffler and set off all the alarms, it was fun then but seems pretty stupid now.
  7. My bike:


    And sorry, it's loud thanks to the slash cut pipes.
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    I got that beat, in terms of quietness, though it lags a little on the efficiency side, and my neighbours give me funny looks when i cut my lawn with scissors.

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    Good point, Chk. I don't understand why the cops don't crack down on these assholes. If I see it all the time, how come the cops don't??
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