LOUD - breakout candidate?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Chagi, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Chagi


    Since we now have a forum to discuss specific stocks, LOUD is currently on the top of my watchlist to monitor closely early next week.

    This is purely from a technical analysis perspective, but the stock is looking very strong, recovered very rapidly from what was perceived as disappointing earnings. Whenever I go "bottom fishing", I usually look to see a long downtrend, followed by flattening out, then look for rising optimism in the stock.

    My only concern is the big spike in volume during Friday's trading, specifically that the stock didn't move tooooooo much in relation to volume traded. Probably a breach of resistance at $1.00?
  2. mhashe


    I have that on my watchlist.

    How about that SMTX. should've looked it up when I told you about it :)
  3. Chagi


    Yup, in retrospect you were definately right about that one.
  4. What bothers me is Briefing.com has a $300. per month service they've beta tested. They came out on Loud, and a few other very low priced stocks. When the stocks bolted, they sold wolf tickets.

    Hell, if my dog had a website w/trial subscribers, she could do the same thing to those stocks.

    I've always liked Briefing.com, but this doesn't seem ethical to me.
  5. Chagi


    What is a "wolf ticket"? Not familiar with the term.
  6. Babak


  7. bragging. Wolf Tickets is ghetto slang for talking shit.
  8. Chagi


    Ah okay. So in other words the site was listing potential high-gain candidates, then patting themselves on the back when some of them came true?

    Getting back to discussion of LOUD, anyone else want to comment on what you would be looking for prior to entry?
  9. Chagi


    Update on this - going to be monitoring LOUD (as well as the rest of the market) closely on Monday morning, this big hurricane news item could potentially suck the air out of the markets (if not worse).
  10. my concern about BriefingTrader is that they were listing small priced stocks while they had a crowd on two week trials. of course, whatever they listed at that price would run. and then they post they had this huge percentage gain. I'm not sure that's good business. No, I am sure. It's not good business.
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