Lou Dobbs leaving CNN

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Optionpro007, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Wallet


    Exactly who did you pray to?
  2. The media Gods, who else?

  3. That would be the sith lord Murdoch, Emperor of the known media universe.
  4. dsq


    he can join his fellow idiots hannity/beck/reilly at faux news or drudge or whatever right wing propagandist outlet he chooses.
    asta la vista,douchebag dobbs
  5. bpcnabe


    Poor Dobbs. Leaves (forced out) a station with 200k viewship to join one with 3-5x the viewership. Sounds like someone is getting upgraded.

    BTW, it is hasta la vista with an "h", numbnuts.

    Which is rather ironic considering your choice of phrases to ridicule the subject and his immigration stance, and yet it is you, moron, who doesn't even take the time to learn the language. Typical ignorance of a leftist loon.
  6. I think Lou Dobbs would defend his spelling by saying that making the man learn Spanish would be unconstitutional.

    As to Dobb's future, it is not clear if he is joining Fox.