Lou Dobbs and the North America Union.

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    January 19, 2007

    SouthAmerica: I don’t understand why Lou Dobbs was so upset regarding the formation of the North America Union.

    The Mexicans are reclaiming their land from the US by moving a Mexican at the time to states such as California, Texas and so on. – Today in Texas (currently part of the USA) they already have even a chain of restaurants – that sells pizza – that accepts Mexican pesos in payment for the pizzas.

    Americans also should keep in mind that without borders it will be easier for the illegal drug trade to supply Americans with their profound illegal drug habits.

    But what I don’t understand is why Canada, and Mexico would want to be part of an union with the United States?

    Canada is a little bigger than the USA in land size and has a population of only 33,098,932 (July 2006 est.)

    Mexico is about 3 times the size of the state of Texas and has a population of 107,449,525 people. (July 2006 est.)

    Both countries have a lot of natural resources and they will be able to manage their finances well in the future.

    Why these countries that are in reasonable financial shape it would want to create an union with another country that for all practical purposes is bankrupt – currently the US federal government has over $ 8 trillion dollars in outstanding debts and the states have another $ 2 trillion dollars in current outstanding debt.

    But the US federal government alone has another estimated $ 70 trillion dollars in liabilities that is coming due very fast in the coming years.

    The US economy will not have the cash flow necessary to meet its obligations in the near future.

    Besides the US economy will have to carry the burden in the coming years from a costly war in the Middle East, and the bail out costs related to many Katrinas that will pound American cities over and over again year after year – also the rapidly rising cost of health care system related to the population ageing and another major financial bail out in the 100’s of billions of US dollars related to money lost by the pension plans - when the US government allowed federal government insurance secured money of the pension funds to be gambled by the hedge funds, and private equity companies.

    You don’t need to be too smart to figure out that letting federal government insurance secured funds – the money on most pension funds in the US – to be gambled by the hedge funds and private equity funds it will end in a massive bail out by the taxpayers.

    Only idiots would allow people to gamble taxpayer money in that fashion – they are allowing hedge funds and private equity funds to gamble with pension money that are insured by the US government - but again these are the years of the Bush administration and no one expect “a minimum level of competence and common sense” from this crew.


    Copy of Show TRANSCRIPT

    Aired on CNN on January 18, 2007 - 18:00 ET

    LOU DOBBS, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, the Bush administration and corporate elites in this nation are building a new bureaucracy to create a North America union comprising the United States, Canada, and Mexico, all the while trying to deny it, trying to create that North America union without any constitutional authority or the approval of Congress or the American people.

    DOBBS: The Bush administration is pushing and pushing hard a partnership between the United States and Mexico and Canada, with a goal of what it calls integration by 2010. This partnership among three nations is being discussed at the highest levels of the three governments at the urging of the largest multinational corporations, but it is barreling ahead with absolutely no congressional oversight, no voter approval, out of sight completely of the American people. And as far as we can determine, without any constitutional authority whatsoever.

    Christine Romans reports. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

    CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): Congressman Virgil Goode wants to stop the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

    REP. VIRGIL GOODE (R), VIRGINIA: It will lead to a union between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. And it will greatly harm the sovereignty of the United States. It is part of the open borders philosophy to do away with borders. And I vigorously oppose it.

    ROMANS: Launched in 2005, it's a dramatic government and business effort to "harmonize regulations." The president promised, no matter who the players are in Washington, Mexico City and Ottawa, this bureaucracy is meant to endure.

    BUSH: And I appreciate the commitment of the prime minister and the president toward a spirit of partnership to outlast whatever politics may occur.

    ROMANS: To critics, outlasting politics means skirting Congress and the will of the American people in secrecy. It took a Freedom of Information request to find out what happened last fall. Closed to the press, the North America forum was attended by the highest levels of business in government. The conservative group Judicial Watch found...

    TOM FITTON, JUDICIAL WATCH: This is a forum where the push is for taxes, the push is for open borders. The push is for investment funds for Mexico.

    So all the talk is on one side of the equation.

    ROMANS: Among the notes the Pentagon released of meeting, a goal of integration and "Open borders for industry and investment. North America needs to be more competitive, and yet security goals seem to interfere with this outcome." And the admission, "Most people (are) not compelled by North America integration need to identify steps that demonstrate the concept and success."


    ROMANS: Numerous documents advocate open borders between and a secure perimeter around the three countries, taking what's called a continental vision. It is a vision Congressman Goode does not share. He will introduce this week a resolution opposing the Security and Prosperity Partnership -- Lou.

    DOBBS: And some mindless and uninformed before suggesting that this is not even occurring. I saw a number of articles suggesting whether it's North American Union just isn't happening. It's a fiction as some wild conspiracy theory, yet it is absolutely documented, this administration continues to deny what is happening right in front of us, although it is happening with stealth and with secrecy, it's happening.

    ROMANS: The administration has a Web site called spp.gov. It outlines myths and realities. People can check it out themselves but there are a lot of questions about this, Lou.

    DOBBS: You can check out our Web site, too, which is about truth. We'll let the administration have its own view of that truth. And fortunately it seems to be one that they don't want to share with a lot of Americans for some reason. This is a very important story.

    ROMANS: They will not come on camera to talk about it, but they will refer us to a Web site but not come on camera it talk about it.

    DOBBS: Absolutely. How odd and out of character. Christine, thanks. Christine Romans.

  2. Yes, the Mexicans are trying to reclaim land that they lost, or gave up many moons ago. Now it's our land and we should be shooting them at the border as they invade.
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    Central Banker: In 2012 Terrorists will launch a nuclear attack against the United States. It will be devastating in its destruction and harm. With terrorist operatives entering and gaining access to their targets, by way of weak borders between Mexico and Canada.

    By fear, all three countries will relinquish their respective sovereignty once and for all. It took 75 years to form the EU. It will happen much faster for the North American Union.


    January 19, 2007

    SouthAmerica: Why did you pick 2012 for the year of the terrorist attack that you are predicting?

    What is so special about the year 2012?

    If the terrorists were going to do such a thing they would have done it by now since a bunch of terrorists could have entered the United States very easily if that was their goal.

    Over 2 million illegal immigrants get inside the United States every year and do you think a bunch of terrorists would have a hard time getting inside the US?

    The criminals are able to bring to the United States as much illegal drugs as they want year after year – and do you think the terrorists would have a hard time bringing nuclear weapons inside the US if they were able to get hold of such weapon?

    I would not lose any sleep worrying about that one.

    Regarding the European Union – the journey to union began with the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in 1951 – and most European countries at that time were recovering from the destruction of WW II.

    The European Union has been evolving for over 56 years and today its state-of-the-art type of government is better equipped to survive globalization and a rapidly changing world based on networks.

    For you to have a better appreciation of the development and understanding of how the European Union really works you should read: “The European Dream – How Europe’s vision of the future is quietly eclipsing the American Dream” by Jeremy Rifkin.

    I don't know why you are saying: "It will happen much faster for the North American Union."

    I can't see why that would happen when looking from the point of view of the Mexicans and Canadians.