LottoGirl vs The Underwater Edge Boys

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    tampa it won't...
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  2. I've seen my fair share of random entry system testing. Many have interesting results, some had enlightened me in one way or another. Some even had profitable results.

    One thing many novice traders can learn from this experiment is the importance of money and risk management in trading rather than specific entry points. etc.

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  3. Post exit rules so they can be verified.
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    I agree.
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    This indeed will be very interesting to me. Given long enough time horizon this will show how dependent/independent money management rules are to entry points.

    Damor, are you going to let us know what the "fixed profit target", "timeout stop", and "stop loss" are?


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    If some of you actually looked at the first post he did post exit rules. Granted he didnt give the prices, probably because he doesnt yet knows what the are.
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  7. Lots of takers on this thread already showing up with hands outstretched. If his exit strategy is his edge, why would he give away his edge, though looks like he is using something other than his regular exit method though I could be wrong? Posting exits in realtime should be good enough for any reasonable person. The point of this thread is that given predetermined entry times and directions, can his exit method still make a profit? That is what he is trying to prove.
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    um, no he didn't. he gave the TYPES of exits, but not the details. for example, he said a time stop, but didn't list the time period. he listed a target, but didn't list how the target is determined. you get the idea...
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    Do you really think if he can show us it's possible to be profitable with random entry and discretionary exits, he's going to tell us how the system works?

    c'mon !
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    i had no idea so many people would be checking in. i need to post the exit rules, let's start with simple ones.

    timeout method: 26 dow points to the upside, if not reached, close at the end of the following day. let's take the 3:55 price for the sake of precision.

    stoploss method: 61 point profit target, 20 point stop loss.

    let's see how much tweaking to this will become necessary. :)

    if anybody wants to post the results for a market other than YM, please feel free.
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