Lotto Ticket

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by $CostAverageMAN, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Can you imagine catching the low on this one and selling the high.....Net would have been a 35,000% move in 2 months

    The Low 5/19---.20c on ((((645,915,747 Volume))) that should of caught your eye if you were watching Volume or the OTC that day.....4,791% increase of 50 Day Average Volume

    The High 7/20---$70.00 on (((65,203,008 Volume)))

    This manipulated thing is over....Dead Money NOW.....Just admire the possibilities of the market...


    PS---Back from my extended break

    Going to start back the -----Want To Share----Journal
  2. Well.... would you have held perfectly to the high? Let alone entered at the low?

    I would say that the trend-quality was promising. But to capture all of would never happen with me.

    There was a trader here named "random trader" that posted a system for these lottery tickets years ago. It was a fun thread.

    Michael B.
  3. I remember this little pill. Like you, I saw it in a V. V. scan for increased vol/range scan.

    Micro lottos are fun if your nimble.:D
  4. The July-13th session was topsy-turvy ride all by itself.