Lottery curse claims another victim

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  1. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  2. I just read in NY the other day. People won $1m on a scratch off 5 years ago. She violated probation (huh? drugs, it figures) and is going to jail. She is broke.

    On the flip side, I knew this guy, I only met recently who had "made" 750k in the market during the internet bubble. Broke.
    I said tell me about it. I'll sum it up for ya:

    Hear about the boat that sank carrying a load of yo yo's. It went up and down 180 times.

    There's nothing to learn. nothing to see here folks...:cool: :D
  3. Of course his kidney failure had nothing to do with his death. It was the curse!!
  4. Eight


    There is a worse curse than winning!! I worked with a woman that played all the time, she had a dream that told her some numbers to play and she did. She did not play her numbers that she played every single time before. Her favorite numbers all hit, the numbers from the dream did not. She was devastated, she walked in to work mumbling to herself and hanging on to the walls to help her navigate.. I saw an options trader do the same thing after the crash of '87, mumbling and touching the walls everywhere he walked.
  5. " doesn't last long when so many are paid for by so few."

    Interesting...I know for some reason a lot of Euro Socialists post on this board (never been able to figure out that one). In a more macro sense, it's the major reason why socialism doesn't work.
  6. About 10% of the people control about 90% of all the money in the world. If ALL the world's money was evenly distributed to all 6 Billion of us, in a short time, the money would flow back to that same 10% that used to control it.
    It's got nothing to do with anything but one's beliefs about money.
    And a belief is nothing but a thought we keep repeating to ourselves.
    Change the thought, change the belief, change your life.
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