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  1. I use "Ad-Aware SE personal" It was downloaded for free. It does a great job catching the spyware, but its not keeping it away. I scan everyday..in fact probably more than 5 times a day, and it comes up with about 20 critical items.

    What is a good program to get rid of this crap?


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  4. Tracking cookies in Ad-Aware are listed as critical items and in fact are not really spy ware.
    Real Spy Ware sets itself up in your windows registry.
    If every time you ran Ad Aware and it found registry issues then you really do have a problem .
    If it is just tracking cookies don’t worry about it .
  5. linux
  6. Linux, good one, too bad I am not that technically inclined.
  7. Seems you are very tech savy ? :). I actually had Ubuntu linux on my laptop, but had problems with drivers after geek squad failed to set up wireless internet. I still got charged the 100.00 :).
  8. What does this stuff do? I dont use any antispyware, anitvirus, or any other software for this purpose. I use a router w/firewall but thats all. I guess my computer is loaded with these things but I dont have any problems and dont notice any thing out of the ordinary and Ive been doing nothing for a couple of years. What exactly do they spy on?
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