Lots of monitors just to show off?

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  1. I work at a prop firm, and sometimes think that some traders simply have way too many monitors. For example, there's a row of korean guys who sit near my group. Each of them has 7-8 monitors each. Perhaps if they made thousands of dollars on a daily basis it would be justified, but I'm finding out half of them are pikers and the other half avg a couple hundred a day. Do some of you feel having more monitors actually helps your trading? or do most of you have them for purely "show off" purposes.

    I personally have 4 (99% of the time, i'm just watching 2) and have absolutely no need for any additional ones.
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    it could be they need 1 monitor in Korean for 1 monitor in English.
  3. Two of them are used for trading, three for video games, one for internet surfing, and two for porn.
  4. For me i currently use 2 Monitors but i am sure i could use some more. Not so much that i need it badly but it would be nice to have some extra monitors with charts of most Industry Indexes, like SOX, BIX, IUX, HMO, XAU, DJR, XBD..... and all the rest. Also putting most of the bigger caps on the extra monitors would be nice idea.

    My Idea of more Monitors is just for the ease of being able to look at the extra ones quicly and having all the info you want right there and then.
  5. I use 2 19" flat screens and they seem fine. Anymore and my neck would get sore.
  6. Mine too. I have 3 19" monitors that do the trick.

    Besides, I'm in an office by myself. Who am I going to impress?

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    I guess you're mr. supertrader.
  8. For me, 3 is a requirement. That's what I trade with now (three 19" LCDs). I think a 4th one would be nice since I do have some additional information that I'd like to keep an eye on, but not a requirement so holding off on 4th screen. I feel I need the 3 screens and each one is used constantly throughout the day. But yea, it looks pretty cool too so people are impressed with the setup :D

    -FastTrader :cool:
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    Windows 2000 can have 9 monitors max, ( video cards etc)

    Monitors Required

    One for INDU
    One for ES
    One for Stock to trade
    2 to 3 for stock research or scanning
    1 for internet
    1 for Broker platform..

    Thats 8 using them correctly.

    What is the trading deal with "prop firms", I am NON usa and we dont have them down under.

    Do you trade with there money for salary or what. do you have cheaper commissions, why do they have traders trading in GROUPS..

    Please explain PROP FIRMs trading set up.
  10. Just 2 here these days on a desktop (but also a laptop for equity curves etc)... if your primary vehicle is ES, I don't see a need for more than 2 monitors...
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