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  1. Hi, I'm just new to all this and a little lost so far. I wanted to try using a stock picking service to select stocks for Daytrading but there are so many of them out there. Could someone please tell me which service is the best for picking stocks to Day Trade.
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    The absolute best, IMHO, is to do your own stock picking. Why rely on someone else's judgement?

    If you feel you have to use a service, then make sure you check it out carefully. Just read some of the other threads to find out why.
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    agree fully, bruce...

    bit funny how this seems to crop up so much...

    and i haven't even been here for ages...

    ah well...

    always takes two to tango, i suppose.
  4. Please, I would like to hear several gurus each tout their own site and then start arguing over who is better.
  5. I'm curious to see who responds to Jeannette request for links.

    Will the replier have 5 posts or less? :D

    If not, has the replier posted before in response to someone's else request in which the requester had 5 posts or less?

    I completely agree that the best stock pick service is "YOURSELF".

    Now...if someone truly is not good in investments nor trading but still want to be involved in the financial markets...take some of that money your ready to throw at a website and educate yourself.

    If you don't want to educate yourself (lots of learning tools out there)...then its highly recommend you stay away from the markets.

    I would rather see someone trying to sell you "learning tools" instead of stock pick service.

    Nihaba Ashi
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    LOL, right on the money... :)
  8. I run www.stocks-rocks-dogs-&-firewire.com we recommend only very thinly traded stocks under $5.00.

    Our track record goes back over 6 years but we made it up. Hope to see you on our members list $$$$$$$$$$$
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