Lost time is worse than lost money

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by crgarcia, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. You can always get back lost money.
    Never from lost time.

    Daytrading is more frustrating because you invested more time on it, than long term trading?
  2. Crgarcia = Assclown

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    1-I can't help but laugh at the assclownishness of Johnny's story.
    I wanted to kick him in the teeth but couldn't because i was laughing so hard at him.

    7. Assclown, A person who thinks he is awesome, but everyone really only tolerates his presence to have someone to poke fun at.
  3. Lethn


    Sorry, but it's the opposite case with trading ;)

    Lost time is like being mentally tortured while you trade, money just wipes you out completely and you'll never be able to trade again.
  4. Its all relative as they say. Someone with little money and much free time would highly disagree. Someone whom makes $10 mil would agree.
  5. schizo


    Olympic athletes spend countless hours training with only one thing in mind: gold medal. So is it just all waste of time if you end up not winning the gold? I think not.

    Get over it, we're all sick and tired of your trash talk about daytrading.
  6. How many accounts have you 'blown up' daytrading?

  7. He trashes trading in general, not only daytrading.

    He believes nobody can make money trading. Only the brokers charging commissions.

    But he will mortgage his house and use the money to "invest".
  8. You are immoral, by recommending daytrading, knowing in advance that all will lose their time and money.

    Immorality catches up with you later in life.
    You've been warned.
  9. I already did so.
    Got a loan in early 2007 to buy leveraged ETFs.

    Got nice profits and returned the loan.
  10. Day trading is the best!
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