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    A wonderful weekend. Had a power surge, possible lightning strike that flashed the power in the house. I had three computers plugged in via surge protectors(i guess not) and all 3 are unable to connet to the internet now. The Nic cards show as functioning, the modem is getting a signal coming in, but the signal isn't communicating with the supposedly functioning nic cards apparently. I replaced the modem, and tried putting a new nic card in one computer, but the computer refuses to recognize the card for some reason. ANy thoughts on what to do if the computer claims the Nic cards are ok, but they don't communicate with the modem? Out of business till this gets done.
    Anyone know if these guys at Best Buy have anymore training than in the past now that they are the Geek Squad? Hate to go there but they are closest.

  2. I presume you have an ADSL modem/router. See if you can ping it from any of the connected PCs. If you can the router bit at least should be OK. If you can't, connect your PCs via a switch if you have one, or x-over cable if you have one. If they can all ping each other, everything should be OK with the NICs. It's simply a process of elimination. If all that seems OK and you still have no internet access, then the telephone line side of the modem/router is probably dead and you need a new one. If there was was no surge suppressor on the telephone line, it's quite possible that thats the case. I've had a modem die that way before in an electrical storm.
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    Did you check your IP config. maybe ip provider changed it because of storm and you have to reconfig. Had to reset mine.
  4. Sorry, missed the bit about replacing the modem. It may not be properly configured. Log on to it and check configuration if you can. Check it's set up as DHCP server if thats the way your PCs are set up.
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    I don't know why your new NIC doesn't work, but that is a seperate issue that may just distract you. I'd ignore it for now, or even go back to your old NIC.

    Go to your DOS prompt (Command Prompt) and type ipconfig/all if you have XP.

    This will show how your computer's IP is setup. If your modem is a DSL or Cable it should have an IP address in the range of 192.168.0.x, probably it is

    The idea here is to see if you can talk to that modem. Type ping your address. Your address will be the 192.168.0.x number you saw as IP Address when you typed IPconfig/all.

    This will "loop back" and the computer will talk to itself. It should respond like "Reply from 192.168.0.x"... If it does it means your computer should be working.

    Now type ping, assuming that is the address of your modem. It should also say "Reply from..." If not, then your network is not connecting to the modem.

    Do you have a switch, hub, or router? Make sure those have been power cycled and are functioning correctly.

    Hope this helps. I'm sure some other people can give you a better idea what to try.

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    Thanks for the ideas. After trail and error I have the main computer online with a new router. The other 2 still won't connect. I called tech support for the new NIC card and they told me to do what I've done, so no help there. I have no removed the new NIC card and am trying to get the system rerecognize the old onboard Intel NIC.
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    I get a Code 10 error message. SO far my internet research is useless on this. The info I found at Microsoft doesn't seem to cover this problem. Tech is great.
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    To: r-in

    A very helpful forum is at: http://forums.techguy.org/

    Use a simple name and password since it's free.

    Ask 4 help in the: Network--Networking forums

    Most of the regulars there are very helpful.
    Good luck .... agpilot
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    Thanks agpilot, I'll give it a try before I pour gas on the copmuter and card and light it up. :) On a side note, are you a cropduster? Just curious as I had looked into that in my earlier days.
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    Yes, I was an Aerial applicator pilot. I PM'ed you a note
    about that.
    I hope you get backup online... agpilot
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