Lost full Nikkei product range on IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by JackRab, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. JackRab


    Uhm... have anybody else who is with Interactive Brokers lost the full Nikkei product range?

    TWS updated this morning and now I can't get any of those products... Futures, options... all 'poof' gone.

    I don't thing there's an option to go back one version in TWS is there?
  2. JackRab


    I just reset TWS to the stable version.... made no difference...
  3. @JackRab have you verified that you didn't somehow lost your market data subscription for those products? Or that market trading permission has been reset/disabled?
  4. JackRab


    @HobbyTrading, it's back online...

    Usually when market data for a single product or range or exchange is lost... I at least still see them in my list, just no market data... but now I couldn't even see the tickers. Weird... but apparently it was an exchange data connection issue with IB itself, or so it seems.
  5. @JackRab glad that it got resolved.
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  6. Quite a scary problem if a trader owns Nikkei futures, wants to get out but not able to, particularly on a crash day like 6Feb2018.
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  7. KeLo


    Absolutely! IB has had some uptime problems lately. They were down for a couple hours about a month ago.
    I always have a back-up broker.
  8. JackRab


    Well.. you can always call them. But yes, very annoying.