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Discussion in 'Politics' started by QdzResurrection, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. Looking for a post on ET in which I stated on September 30, 2003 that Oct 1 2003 has 66% chance to rise. Award will be paid.

    Found a PDT/PDS related thread in chit chat rather than trading forum in which it was started.

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  3. So???
  4. So isn't it very exciting. Good luck to you.


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    made 2 predictions, 1 raise and 1 fall, save url and bring them back as needed.
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    Have you heard of Diogenes, the founder of the cynical school of philosophy in ancient Greece? I sometimes have a feeling he was your guru in a previous life...

  7. yes
  8. Only one choice, where is the second? There has been no rabbit under this magician's hat. It's a patriot's game, I said and say over and over again. How many 100% up room have you missed. Find the lost, find them all, report here, and may good luck come to you.