Lost $340 on two mistakes while trading INO call options.

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  1. Stupid me, bought twice instead of selling! One time as soon as I realized the mistake INO started to turn and sell-off. I unintentionally, bought at the market (I was trying to offer instead of buying) - this is not ThinkorSwim problem but me sleeping very little and being haphazard with the keyboard. What frazzled me was that I tried to exercise my ITM call online and the TDAmeritrade rejected it. (no explanation) [later I found out that when it is more advantageous to sell the call, the system rejects the early exercise without telling you WHY] Oh well these are the learning pains, that always cost money. NOTE to self: options spreads are brutal and getting in and out of spreads can be difficult in a fast market.
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    Not good.There may be reasons to exercise especially if option is ill-liquid
  3. Well not so much of ill liquid but the locals make wide options spread to buy their new boat.
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    You can always narrow the quote and hope someone hits your bid /ask.
  5. Yes, that is what I usually do. Instead, I missed the offer and bought it by mistake. Once it was painful but I did it twice! Right after I bought the call I was long already, they started selling off INO. No surprise, that stock - if you bought 1000 shares at 14-15 would have doubled your money in a few days. Overnight it was 35 both of my options(33-35 strike) in the money...

    P.S. I still like Thinkorswim...
  6. Yeah, I agree, it's always hard to lose your own money. But it's part of the learning and experience process, without loss is simply impossible. But if you lose a lot and often, then think about what you're doing wrong and take a short break (at least a couple of days don't trade at all). It's good that you learn from your mistakes, sometimes losses can be much bigger than yours :c
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