Losses just aren't that bad. Even long strings of them.

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    No. No offense taken at all. I appreciate any input, and I understand what you meant. My head is just spinning right now. I'm just numb.
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    OMG!! My condolences. You take care. Take some time off. It's Easter weekend.
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    jnbadger, I see from your profile:
    Nov 12, 2004.

    If you want to share the timeframes you like to trade, the timeframes you find most fruitful for runners and a tip or two on how you manage your runners ...

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  5. well, losses are pretty much inevitable in trading. What is important is how you handle your trading losses and what can you learn from them to not repeat that mistakes again in the future.
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    If you think taking a loss is a mistake you probably won't be a successful trader.
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  7. %%
    JN B seems to be fairly skilled + I all most reminded him i would not want a long string of losses\; but over a long period of time that could be reasonable.:D:D
    I would consider a long string of losses worse than a mistake on one ETF i trade+ invest;it tends to make smaller profits + smaller losses. I dont trade/invest it much because i like larger profits.
    But on a day like today, i was reasonable sure i would not lose much + did seVeral things else.
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    Not exactly sure what you mean but that's normal.:D
    Because I cannot possibly know what the market will do next (That's not one of my super powers) all I can know is when I'm wrong and what I'll do about it.
    Now I don't consider being wrong a mistake. It's something I plan for. So a series of losses is not considered a mistake, only part of the plan.
    Does that mean that you were sure you wouldn't lose much and you did several things else like lose more than you planned, lost a lot and got a margin call???:D:D:D
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    LOOKS like you understood the first part.:caution::cool::cool:
    ON your last sentence, no i mean made a profit + lost within limits. AS far as a margin call/LOL, no way/ i do ETFs + NO way possible to get a margin call:D:D
    Losses are a business expense , to many of them =worse than any mistake, but part of any business. I did have an new auto repo in my younger years, like a margin call.:D:DNever again.
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    Just find your edge and stick to it, come rain or shine. It's when you dilly dally, without any concrete plan, you end up incurring large losses.
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