Losses are a part of the game...

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    Recently I decided to use an extremely aggressive strategy to trade the recent NFP. I recorded the desktop so I would have an idea of how ea would perform with those settings. The EA worked perfectly as it turns out. It traded exactly the way it was written to, and the broker equally provided good fills. The settings used for the trading environment just needed some minor adjustment in order to make it profitable/break even. Here is the video:


    Sure you wipe out an account or two. You learn, grow, and move forward without judgement. It's a part of being honest with yourself. Once you are at least honest with yourself, you stand a greater chance of discovering what is true about the markets. Then with persistence, you can build a systems approach that is logical and automation-ready. Psychologically, some traders find it difficult to accept that some trading decisions did not work out as expected. Like we failed ourselves. Often times approaching correctness simply requires eliminating what is NOT correct. If you keep complaining about what you should of done, you'll end up with decision paralysis; you'll never take action at all.
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    It is all about what you average not what you have won or lost .
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    "some traders find it difficult to accept that some trading decisions did not work out as expected" Your this view may be fit for newbie who do not have much experience of forex market but experienced traders very well know all strategies will not work for them.
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    You really cannot take anything personally in the markets :) Sounds cliche, but the dream world is very seductive, and it is easy to get distracted. Especially when it comes to money, which so many have been taught to take seriously.
  5. define probabilities and manage possibilities