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    I just want to log all my losing trade this year. My goals are to:

    1. determine if the trade was taken with the correct setup.
    2. determine how it turned into a losing trade.
    4. Finally to minimize the lost in the future facing a similar position.

    YTD 3 losing trade out of 28 option trades. I'll just list my previous loses and start to analyze the new ones as I take them.

    1.AMZN -$-$4,490.48
    held 5 days, bought on 01/27/2012 sold on 02/01/2012
    this was an earning play.

    2. AAPL -$498.85
    held 1 day, bought on 02/01/2012, sold on 02/02/2012

    3.AAPL -$24422.51
    held 3 days, bought on 03/27/2012, sold on 03/30/2012
    bad entry, could of gotten out with a small profit or a smaller lost, Friday gap down.
  2. could you just post the trades (timestamp,price stamp, and the entry/exit chart point, plus any thoughts why you are in and get out)?
  3. magicz


    thats exactly what i will do on every losing trade moving forward.