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  1. Hi All,

    Would any of the active traders here be interested in posted chart examples of your losing trades (any timeframe)?

    I've searched ET and there aren't any real threads dedicated to losing trades. There are obviously some examples in the Journals, but those are scattered all over the place, so I thought it would be helpful to have them in one place.
  2. Here is one of my losing stock chart trades when I was just beginning to trade...it was a quarterly earnings play -- I hoped and prayed it would turn around, it didn't.
  3. Redneck


    Went long the DB on the 5 (red line and circled in yellow)..., thinking it a B/O of the range on the 15 (grey rectangle)

    Trade broke down (aka FBO)

    Exited when price breach the 5 DB (red line) - 3 bars later


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  4. Thanks RN, exactly what I had in mind. Clear charts/entry and exit.
  5. Turveyd


    Not got an archive, but will post a few when I lose.
  6. Great, thanks Turvey.
  7. short @49.82 cover at 49.97
    -15 ticks.
    One of two losses for the day CL 05-15 (5 Min)  3_27_2015.jpg
  8. neke


    What function represents your involuted chart?
  9. RN,

    Meant to ask, was this a "with the plan" trade that you would do again?
  10. Hi stillgrinding,

    Nice job on keeping the loss small. Did you try again a bit higher around 50 and change? (around 11 am)
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