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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Breakout, May 22, 2002.

  1. Just curious...what's your worse losing streak? For me,(so far) it
    was 13 in a row. Whew!...was that ever depressing.
  2. I admit....I need a shrink. I guess Im a gambler at heart and I have no sense of value of money...I have no respect for losing $10,000 in a day....and when Im up $5G, I shoot for the moon and end down $10G..... My worst losing streaks always seem to come right after a big positive day. "Playing with the house's money" syndrome. I just got over having my worst 2 weeks period ever ( - $35,000) which should no longer happen after all these years...and it is at these times that it's nice to have some people you can talk to and give you new perspective on life and trading... How many times have we wanted to just punch the monitor and quit??
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    I prefer breaking a phone or keyboard....:D
  4. I just checked my records...worst losing streak was 10 in a row, all in the same freakin day. Man that sucked. And I shot 25% for the week and 35% for the month. Never forget that.

    Then again it triggered a complete re-evaluation and revolution in my trading, so alls well ends all.
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    A number of years ago I had 19 losses in a row, not intraday, lasted a long time, drawdown considerably bigger.

    It pounded the ego and felt physically sick for a long time. It took breaks, trading with nothing, trading with almost nothing, etc etc. to get back.

  6. OUCH!...LoL...Thanks, I feel alot better now. It's nice to know
    there's other traders out there that are getting pounded and getting up, dusting themselves off and jumping back in.