Losing some faith in US dollar, where to park cash?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Here4money, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Here4money


    Which coin is holding best against the dollar during this crisis?
    Thoughts of which will hold up best?

    Considered CAD & AUD, but Canada is really tied to US economy & Australia has a really small economy.
  2. zdreg


    Why do care about the size of the economy? You should only care about direction.
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  3. I have an online business and the only businesses who are still making payments are Australian (or Russian). Everyone else is trying to get out of paying or take a discount. Pretty sure this means nothing.

    But... For fun:

    Since beer virus hit the news (these numbers are rounded):


    Same time last year:


    And the year before that:

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  4. While a bit tangential to the thread and anecdotal, interesting stats nonetheless.
  5. Here4money


    curious about the country makeup myself
  6. Fx-Game


    Gold, silver, buy yourself a farm ; )
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  7. dozu888


    idiot have you looked at the USD chart.
  8. Here4money


    idiot, did you look at the NASDAQ two months ago? Do you only act retroactively or ever consider doing so proactively? Never mind, you're a permabull
  9. "They" have been whining about the $USD going away for years. FACT is, however, it's still the cleanest dirty shirt... as the rest of the countries hose their own currency even worse.

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  10. IAlwaysWin


    You should stay away from AUD at all cost until this whole Corona business passes. I would stick to the majors like USDJPY and EURUSD. AUD is currently in the greatest downturn since the 2008 recession and I think it could drop into the 0.56000's or lower. You could short the AUD but finding a good high would be nearly impossible at this point. You pretty much missed the boat on the big short because at any point things could turn completely around.
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