losing or missing is more painful?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by hermit_trader, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. Which one you feel is more painful?
    Losing money or missing a great trade?
  2. "losing"
  3. guido


    More painful is when you miss a trade, so you try to chase it and.... you lose :)
  4. there should be no pain involved with missing. the way i look at it is, one misses 1000's of trades a day. jut because you miss one that you are looking at makes no difference.


  5. When pain ceases to accompany either experience, then you will move foward. For now, your fear of 'missing out' and 'losing' is exactly what will perpetuate a long string of 'missing out' and 'losing'. She is not without a strong sense of irony...

    PEACE and good-trading,
  6. which one is more painful?
    lossing money 8 61.54%
    missing a great trade 4 30.77%
    more or less the same 1 7.69%
    Total: 13 votes 100%

    without a doubt, lossing money is more painful. i can't even imagine what messing a trade feels like, so I'll stop there.

    thank you, good night, I'll be here all week!!!
  7. I think missing a move is a much more serious problem than losing money. Losing money is a integral part of trading and I think to survive as a trader, you have come to terms with it sooner or later.

    For a system trader, Missing a Move means not taking a signal
    and it suggest psychological issues and/or disciplinal problems.
    Instead of just losing money, problems like these is going to costs you your trading career.
  8. trader99


    Yep. Losing is the "cost of doing business" in trading. As long as the losses are small and you are in control it's fine. For example, today it got choppy in the morning and I lost a small amt. Then I became conservative. Then a long signal came along I didn't take it and that would have made back all of my losses and more. Had I taken it I would up positive nicely for the day. Instead, I'm still down slightly.

    oh well.. sucks...