Losing money is inferior behavior

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  1. The thread "Scaling out is inferior behavior" has been flogged to death.

    And so my contention is "Losing money is inferior behavior"

    However you trade and whichever way you hold your mouth or rub your hands together or bark at the moon, I say
    "Losing money is inferior behavior"
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    I am with you. As long as my account balance is going up it will be hard for anybody to talk me into changing my method. And I don't feel like I should try to change someone elses method unless they ask me to.
  3. Does it happen often, that people ask you that?
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    Sometimes but I would not say often. Even when someone does ask for help I am very careful in how I do it.
  5. Since I became consistently profitable I have been tuning my technique always in an effort to increase my lots traded without damaging my profile.

    I have a daily target of net points and I trade every day ... that is my mission statement.

    I trade the ES in the mornings only, because I do have a life and other interests.
    I can trade the ES when it has direction and I can trade it when it doesn't.
    I am almost always onboard before the bell and I hardly ever lose the first trade.

    In fact if you look carefully at what I have just written it is contrary to 90% of the pearly words of wisdom posted to ET.

    I have achieved my objectives in para 2 because I have focused on one thing and that is the ES morning and pre open session.
    In fact I am a bloody expert on this one particular subject and I know nothing about anything else in trading.

    My only focus is to pull as much money out of the ES in 2 - 3 hours as I possibly can.

    If you ask my is there a holy grail, I will answer you ...yes!

    It is called Risk Management and everything else is a tool or slave to RM.

    Please let me know if this post appears wishy washy in any way and I will attempt to tighten it up for you.
  6. I would certainly like to learn how to trade the open. I like mornings too but I wont trade until it settles down a bit. I am not fearless.:)
  7. You will be if you focus on doing one thing very well, set a goal and relentlessly work towards that goal and understand everything that you employ.

    By this I mean, if your weapon of choice is CCI, then pull it apart, calculate it by hand, know precisely what it can and cannot show you.
    Do not worry about fear as it is simply fear of the unknown.
    The more you bring the "unknown" over into the "known" basket, the less there is for fear to feed upon.
    Eventually it will drop from your conscious mind and remain in the background where it belongs.

    Goodluck to an up and coming expert.
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    This is the point I used to make in my journal all the time. Pick a proven trading method and master it. Then just trade it in the same manner that a casino deals blackjack. Meaning that you do the same thing each and every time.

    The key words here are proven and master :)
  9. I am aware of your thread 4re and I have always been impressed how you managed keep it on its path.
    I am old fashioned ( but then again, who is say that there is anything new)
    I need to write everything by hand. I write it, I read it, I rewrite, re read etc until I am happy that the statement accurately represents that which I am about to do.
    And then I do it.
    The handwritten statements are updated as my learning increases and the unknown becomes the known.
    But always, I am bloody careful about what I write by long hand because I have conditioned myself to
    "as I write then so I do"
  10. another holy grailer that never loses.................LMAO..............talk about pearly words of wisdom,geez.
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