Losing Days

Discussion in 'Trading' started by trade555, Jul 29, 2002.

  1. When I lose money trading my wife beats me after the close. She has a wooden stick she calls the stop loss enforcer. After a session with the stop loss enforcer I seem to have a string of winning day's. Anyone else get disciplined by there wife for losing money.
  2. when I have a bad day

    and go to sleep hungry and sad

  3. When I lose money, I like to pick out one of my many aliases and start stupid threads. I can be a horny "woman," a 59 year old, or a young trader calling it quits. Saying I work for Worldco is fun as well. The best part is that no one on ET ever seems to catch onto the game. They keep taking me seriously.
  4. They should pay more attention.
  5. rs7


    Yeah, we must all be morons except for trade555, the chameleon for all times and tastes. I thought we would miss him this week because he would be tied up with his lawyers suing his manager. And carefully watching his 175k worth of qqq options. And signing on with Schonfeld for a salary. And being beaten by his wife. Or was it beating on her? Oh, it's all of the above.
    A very valuable contributor to ET indeed!!!!

    I do admit I would be fascinated to know if he really does have a wife. She must be something special if she exists!!!
  6. With all the shit I come up with you have to admit it makes the day interesting. As for a wife I sold her to a pimp and now I have a small bank roll to trade.