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  1. "Don't follow the instincts of analysts"

    What is the Motley Fool?


    Can we learn from losers?

    Prisons are filled with recividists. Yes, they learn from losers, but not much.


    Can we learn more from winners than losers? Winners have failures. OTH, losers repeat losing methodologies.

    Re; the Sienfeld analogy. To be what you've never been you must do what you've never done.
  2. Dang - that's almost beautiful...and I'm being serious.
  3. What if I do a Opposite Elaine on the Opposite George?
  4. Who's Daniel?
  5. He is the one next to chriss

  6. Okay, my thread is getting a little weird...
  7. joebonds


    Are there no contrarians here?

    Follow the herd you get the short grass

    If you fade the herd.....
  8. ... you get eaten by the wolf.
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