Losers wanted...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by WDGann, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. I'm looking for losers who can't trade...

    Wait, ET is full of it... bwahahahahahahaahahhahaahaha

    Oh wait, I'm also a loser... I'm still posting in ET... bwahahahahahaahahahahahahaha
  2. ===
    I don't love to trade. I don't love woman. I don't love money. I don't love jack shit except for myself and I do what's best for me....

    So... I love myself trading... I love myself when I'm with woman... I love myself with money....

    No doubt you "love yourself" a lot - the women are probably few and far between!!!

  3. I don't get laid...

    Woman seems to run when they see me in sight... :D

    At least all the gays run with them....
  4. I'd bet there are some on this site who have more cash on hand that they don't know what to do with than most working stiffs are lucky to accumulate for future retirement.
  5. SumJurk


    I figure you have seven types of people who post on this board.

    • 1. Retired folks who have there monthly pension checks coming in and are just piddling around.
    • 2. Stock and Futures brokers. (who also just piddle around)
    • 3. People with real jobs, who just trade as a hobby.
    • 4. People who have saved up a small stake and quit their job, but will be back to work in six months.
    • 5. People who have inherited a large sum of money and are pretending to be successful traders.
    • 6. Your vendors, and seminar teachers.
    • 7. And, you're occasional real trader who makes a lot of money trading.
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  7. BSAM


    Sum, I think you've got it pegged. But, what's your point?? I mean I wouldn't give a damn if a big, fat, dumb, ugly lesbian named Rosie posted here if she could help folks out.
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    I'm not sure what the point was. I'm not even sure what this whole dumb-ass thread's supposed to be about.
  9. Just click complain or ignore on his posts.
  10. SumJurk


    Oh, I wouldn't complain. He probably just had a bad day. Hell, he might even have blown his account.
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