Lose vs. Loose

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  1. NazSpaz


    I have a major pet peeve, I cannot believe how many people are using "Loose" when "Lose" should be used. Since it is very common here to say so and so "loses money" (NOT 'LOOSES MONEY') or I had a "Losing Day" (NOT LOOSING DAY!), I thought it appropriate that we have a little class on the subject:

    Grabbed this from the internet:

    Let's get this right, bugs the you know what out of me!!!
  2. Your correct.......Whoops! I meant to say you're correct. Illiteracy in America.....what can you do?
  3. ElCubano


    lose/loose same shit to the person who just took the hit...:p
  4. moron28


    If you are loose with your money, you'll eventually lose your money.


    loose = lose

  5. le140


    If traders are not careful, they could loose their shirts and all they got left is some lose change.

  6. plz get loose amigo, this is intranet.
  7. heypa


    If past is any predictor it will soon be accepted usage. We have a living language and the idiots are the ones that initiate change.
  8. Modern English: I no your a looser to.

    Translation: I know you're a loser too.

    I thought I had better edit and translate.
  9. LOL..
  10. Never knew it wasn't grammerically correct. My dictionary has both lose and loose.
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