Lose to Win Contest--- unique idea..

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by marketsurfer, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. These guys just started advertising on elite. a contest that whoever loses the most money wins. this has unique psychological implications--interested to see how it plays out.


  2. Hmmm.......
    It is interesting, psychologically.
    I tried that on a (paper) basket once, losing as much as possible, seeing what it would take to break the bank.
    Worst trades i could come up with, stinkers i thought.

    It ended up being THE most profitable basket i tried. :(
  3. Well if you win most of the time just do opposite of what you usually do.

    Hmmm.....maybe I should join this contest???
  4. i am going to try it. seems like a fun change of pace, and its free.

  5. That is an original idea. And a great promotion, too.

    It's worth noting that, given the restrictive terms and conditions put in place for the contest, I believe it's going to be very hard to win it outright. Outright, as in 100% loss of that $5K demo account. As opposed to merely losing more than the other players, thus winning by default.

    The draconian terms I am referring to are:

    - 20:1 leverage
    - no more than 4 executions (= 2 RT trades) per day
    - 10 trading days.

    That's a real challenge for any professional right there (no kidding). I'd bet most takers will fail miserably and will not manage to lose even 80%. Hey, where's Mike Parker when you need him?
  6. Lol:D Odds on favourite.:p

  7. Let us know how you go surf, (uh, tom arnold) i feel a bit gipped at not getting into the grain contest, and this time frame doesn't suit me.
    May give it a go though, my forex work always kinda sucked.
  8. ozzie123


    Having a bad streak for several weeks now. Might give this a try :D
  9. anyone else playing this game?

  10. I don't have to join the site to often play a very similar game myself. :D
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