Lose NOT Loose... :)

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    Until a few years back, I was guilty of the same typo, misspelling Lose as most of us do.
    Just a reminder, let's get this right, since we use it too often and most of us get it wrong, which is bad for our Trader image.:cool:
  2. Marcell


    And I observe many type "your" when it's supposed to be "you're". Please differentiate between them: YOU'RE stands for YOU ARE.
  3. Speaking of (trader image), Zecco Trading even had it spelled wrong on their website for awhile.
  4. Did you see the headline on page C11 of today's Wall Street Journal?

    Maybe I'm hypersensitive to these things, but misspellings in the newspaper seem to be very common these days - and I'm talking about major national papers. No excuse anymore with spelling and grammar checkers.
  5. Yes, I try really hard to disregard the your, and you're, and their, there, or they're, and the loose vs. lose.....but I thank you for pointing it out so we can, yes, bring our writing skills up a bit in a non-judgemental kind of way. And, with full respect to our non-English as a first language members who get a pass (heck, I couldn't learn another language well enough to even communicate, LOL).

    They're = Those people are.

    There = a place or a matter of discussion.

    Their = possessive of they're "their stuff"

    OK, now should we get to the Texas "yall" "allyall" etc.? LOL.

  6. LMAO, you gotta be kidding me. This brought about gigantic laughter in the office, and the timing, along with this thread is amazing, LOL.

    Dawn Bright :D

    'Sector' ETFs May Be Loosing Some Allure
    Narrowly Focused Products
    Hit by Stream of Selling
    As the Market Rumbles
    September 14, 2007; Page C11

    (They did correct it on the web version) to "losing" I just added an "o")
  7. I believe the proper spelling includes an apostrophe - "ya'll".

    I could be wrong!
  8. Born to loose.

    That looser goose is lose and went acrossed the road.

    The looser goose was balling offered it ran in to the bob wire fence an just layed their dyeing.

    Your a looser. You can barley trade with little capitol. My beer is made from barely.

    I can insure you, for intensive purposes, I've have got more loosing trades then you're momma.

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    What are you eluding to?

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    Time to call out the calverley and canons and bye stocks long and say good buy to the all the bares.

    Why did I chose an trading careen? You should chose a life for trading. It's the right choose.

    I have to get down to the corps of trading or I'll will have to join the Peace Corpse.

    I'm hungary. What's is for dessert?

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    Duck tape has duel useses.

    The secrete to trading is their, your idiot.

    Trading is not for the feint of heart because of the enormousnessisity of it all.

    I've not haven't not enough of that dribble.

    Time to take a brake and remain calm, cool and collective.
  9. Actually, I believe it's "y'all."
  10. Cy_M


    No I missed it, don't have access to it. What was it? Wasn't loose now was it?!?!?!
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