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  1. Sometime I lose the motivation to trade. I don't know how to boost my desire to re-enter the market. I am influenced by the books written by Alex Elder, but he doesn't mention anything about this. He only warns people to cut losses and not to overtrade. I like his books but I feel rather depress after reading them.:D
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    Try Mark Douglas's Trading in the Zone book.

    A much better read IMHO than Elder and get into 'blackjack' mode !!

    Good luck

  3. First ask yourself a very important question: do you REALLY want to trade? Deep down in your heart?
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  5. Because successful trading takes constant self evaluation and adaptation, it can be very tiresome. Sometimes the passion to make it big in this business is what helps people stay the course even when things look bleak. If you lose that passion, that desire, you may have cripled that foundation. IMHO, without that, its only a matter of time before you seek out another venture.
    Good luck either way.

  6. You mean, YOU can't trade without a hardo??? :eek:
  7. My problem would be getting off the markets.
    Trading for me is a passion.

  8. Try Reminissance of a stock operator....That will do the trick. Livermore shared a piece of his heart...God rest his soul.

    Michael B.

  9. Yep - I know the feeling and share the passion. One reason why I don't trade forex - 24hrs market... There's not enough coffee in this world...:p
  10. Do you know how to "add" passion into my mind? I know it looks stupid but it is very critical not only for trading but for life.

    When I was young (before 30) I have lots of passion e.g. computer games, football, craft, arts, music and girls :D But I lost many of them as I get older. And I seldom have new passion. To be hornest, even porn can't boost me up as it used to be!!!!! :eek:

    I really want to make trading as my passion but don't know how to .:(
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