lose 40% of my saving, and I am out

Discussion in 'Trading' started by liulala, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. liulala


    my 23 years saving lose 40% in such a short time, i am out now.

    byebye wallstreet, never trust a dime with this animal
  2. The bottom is in!
  3. Were you forced out? What happened? Margin call? Or did you just give up?

    It's rallying as I write this. It looks you you got out right at the bottom, 10 minutes before the rally.

    Wait for a confirmation and get back in.
  4. liulala


    don't hurt more people, wall street get big fat check

    lured away my hard collected saving for retirment

    gov must do sth

    ban shorting
    ban sell stock unless it up
    ban hedge

    do sth useful Bush, pls!!!
  5. Adobian


    This statement is the best indicator that bottom is here.
  6. liulala


    bottom, i have watched the market for days, everyday sell off big at close, today won't be different

    btw, i am looking to sell my last piece of spy on any bounce, and put into FDIC insured CD.
  7. liulala


    no, i am a conservative investor, never used margin, just cannot take it anymore
  8. poyayan


    Not yet.

    He is still visiting stock site like elitetrader..:) Wait till people who don't follow the market start selling. That will be the bottom.
  9. Stok


    BOTTOM IN!!!!

    ES Rocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. sounds like my brother in law. Always gets out at the bottom:D
    #10     Oct 10, 2008