Los Angeles - Where are the traders in this huge city?

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    I'm located in Los Angeles and was wondering if there are any LA traders here. A couple of buddies and me occasionally get together on the weekend to chat about the markets (mostly monthly) if anyone else is interested. Some traders are position, some swing, some daytraders. Almost all instruments are traded commodity futures, options, equity futures, etfs etc. Only requirement is that, if you are a beginner, you are actually trading or putting the time/effort into learning.

    I've submitted a post in the past and seen others post and am constantly amazed that a city this frickin huge has such a small or anti-social trading community. Mostly those that do come are either flakes or people I already know :)
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    Day and swing traders could discuss their front end setup, books/articles they liked/influenced them, how their charting setup is, what setups they look for (IF they feel comfortable with that) and shifts in the way markets are behaving.

    I do both (though more swing trading) and I discuss with current trading friends a bunch of stuff on a weekly basis. We talk a lot about changes in the "feel" of the markets, emerging patterns, problems we are having, recommendations on broker/software etc. Basically all the stuff discussed on ET, minus the snarkiness.

    Additionally, pretty much all traders go thru tough times and having traders to talk to can help to see flaws in your trading.

    I appreciate your comment.
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    I am in Orange County near South Coast Plaza. Where be ye?
  4. I'm near USC. I have tossed around the idea of going to some IBD Meetups in the past. Your get-together sounds very interesting.

    Yeah! Where are all the traders?

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    Hey guys,

    Usually we meet up around Marina del Rey (seems to be the midpoint for all of us). Some of us are around West LA and downtown, others are down around Hermosa/Redondo.

    If that changes as the group grows, we'll be flexible about the location.

    PM me your email addresses and I'll let you know when/where we are having a meetup.
  6. Rather than sounding like you are trolling for emails, why don't you just ask them to PM you here on ET?

    I would never share my email address or other info with an anonymous poster on ET. Too many list-building spammers & bots scouring the web...
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    Fair enough. What he said. I've been around a while on ET, I'm not a spammer etc but I understand there is no reason to believe me.

    Anyone interested respond here or by pm. I've got about 4 interested people...much more encouraging than I was expecting. We'll see how many are flakey :)
  8. I'm in Sherman Oaks and I'm definitely a flake.
  9. LOL :D
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    Try hanging out at the golf clubs, I met all type of traders there.
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