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  1. Resently moved from Northridge to Los Angeles, S. Pasadena area in CA. I know SoCals (we) are always busy & don't like to get together, so I will not bring it up but it will be nice to get response of people around here doing same job I do. Daytrading is my full time job. Are there ET traders that live around here...please say hi.
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    I'm moving to West Hills in a month or two from the high desert. I meet traders in the Nico's restaurant in Canoga Park sometimes. There seem to be some traders in the San Fernando Valley, I see T shirts and license plate frames that indicate so occasionally. Probably there are a lot more in Pasadena. Are you trading prop?

  3. There was a group who met at the Denny's in Granada Hills for awhile, you would have to call and see if they still meet up there.
  4. Hee hee, I lived in Granada Hills when I was a kid.. where is that Denny's? They didn't have restaurants back then..... I wish I had pictures, there was no food market but there was a bowling alley and all the businesses were on Chatsworth street... They used to shoot TV westerns at Chatsworth and Zelzah, this was in the 50's.. bars were open 24hrs a day back then, we would wait for the school bus outside the CharMar, it was always full of drunk cowboys even in the mornings... I'm flooded with memories all of a sudden and it's all good too......
  5. No not yet... still looking for a prop firm with good comm. rate. I am currently with IB. I just moved out here, so I haven't meet anyone yet.
  6. Oh! really. I didn't even know & I use to live not too far from there because I didn't ask.....see! its always good to ask. :p
    You won't know unless you ask.
  7. Had you gone there they would surely have shared the Grail with you, but once you move to South Pas... forget it, you're just another guy blocking the freeway buddy, no HG for you.....

    that freeway thing is pretty funny, I know a guy that moved a historic house in the path of the freeway to block it, they did everything they could think of and after, I guess 30-40 years it's still blocked.. I thank him everytime I'm sailing up the 210 north of there with nobody on it....
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    hi im in pasadena too
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    Traderking, Shizzy, et al.

    I'm in Studio City and up for a meet and greet. Anyone else up for it?


  10. :p :D :D
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