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  1. laeott


    I'm looking to meet people in the Los Angeles area who trade. I'd like to discuss ideas, help each other be successful in the market both up and down markets and any other topics people would like to talk about. Perhaps we could do an online chat 1 or 2x a month initially or meet in person or whatever.
  2. I'm looking to meet LA traders who play tennis...
    Nice weather for tennis..
    Anyone play tennis?
  3. a2vwnick


    I play tennis... but not very well.
  4. swilner


    i'm in west LA, trading equities and options. I do some day-trading, but it is mostly swing trading.
  5. laeott


    I live in the South Bay 20 miles south of West LA. Right now I'm paper trading and am looking into swing trading and short term trading. I find it helpful to get together and exchange ideas about investing. Thats how I grew in my investment knowledge. What would be your interests for joining a club? What would you like to talk about?
  6. swilner


    my interests would be in getting and giving feedback on set-ups--essentially, trading ideas for ideas. Also, it's always interesting to see what resources others are using.
  7. I'd be up for some tennis in the South Bay area. If we get enough, perhaps we could play some doubles. I play at the Live Oak Park facility in Manhattan Beach. I'm probably barely above a 4.5 these days.

  8. laeott


    That sounds good. What days and times would you be available to talk about trading setups etc?
  9. mrinstall


    I'm in the South Bay. I'd be interested.
  10. laeott


    I was thinking about doing a conference call first. We could all meet on the phone and discuss what we'd like to acomplish. What do you think. Or maybe even a online chat meeting.
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