Los Angeles Trader !! Join the LA Traders Club !

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  1. nell


    Hi all,

    Anyone from LA, please join here.

    Especially they who already full time trader and make living from that, please join and share your success to us.
    We also welcome all who seriously wants to become a professional trader.

    I want to list all trade from LA based on where they are (San Gabriel, San Fernando, Santa Monica, etc) and want to united all the traders here.

    Just inform your email address + MSN/Yahoo messenger + where you are (i.e Rosemead, Culvercity, Long beach, etc)

    Hopefully with this we can connect each other, and can be a good tools for traders that want to find another in the same area.

    We can grab some food together or maybe you only wants to meet each other in your area in LA.

    I want to try make some groups here, and if necessary i can make a forum especially for us !

    Or if you know there's some groups in LA, just let me know - i will collect them and make a 1 new bigger group (or at least inform others that don't know there's such group)

    In the end i will summarize and make a list all of you and all of the group (if exist) here and let you all know

    BTW, I have no other intention, i just want to meet and know other full time traders in LA and share passion&thoughts, as trading is a lonely job, right ? :d

    Just join and support


    Rosemead (San Gabriel), CA
  2. I am in Westchester near LAX. I would like to get together with anyone interested. I have traded and made a living from trading from 1999 - 2003 then took a break and I am now back trading part time.

  3. I live in West Los Angeles near Century City, have been trading off and on for the past 5 years, but think this is the career for me. I am always looking for people to talk and chat with, even online, as trading can be a solitary business. I mainly trade futures and forex.