Los Angeles area Meetup

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  1. Joe_D


    Hahahahaha :):D:D

    Count me in! Have to be later this year, in SE Asia now

    What's the word? Fortuitous, serendipitous, 4 of ET's biggest c*cksuckers all in one room with Joe? My Joy knows no bounds. Just for one evening with Tsing Tao, I'd pay 10k on the spot.

    All food and beer will be on me - Torrance Marriott - I'll book the whole restaurant just for us.

    But we cannot forego this monstrous opportunity

    All must bring brokerage statements from 2009 to current - and you bet we will call all the brokers for instant verification of no photoshopping

    Thank you Lord, let's have a good look at these m*therf*ckers in person, hahahahahaha
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  2. Joe_D


    And for Tsing Tao, Friday nite is traditionally upper-class Latin women nite, rich, lonely nice looking stunners from Bev. Hills, Redondo Bch, Manhattan Bch. etc.

    see platform on right, gal with blue top, white panties - that's the quality of what you and I will nail. If, at the room (also free, on me) if you can't do it, I'll nail both.

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  3. Joe_D


    Tsing Tao,

    If it turns out that you clowns are even remotely interesting, after the dinner party give me a week and we'll have a blowout party for 2 full days and nites, no need to go home, everyone sleeps there, a massive place, hired these guy/gals in video once, will set it up again. Its all on the house for you guys so not to worry

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  4. You cocksuckers are funny
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  5. I'd be interested in exchanging trading ideas in LA area.
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  6. KevMo


    I'm down for an L.A area meetup. If you guys are serious about trading/investing/coding/quant stuff, let's get together and let the hilarity ensue. With 11milion people in L.A. County alone there's bound to be some real talent we scrape together for productive discussions. I'll even host at our offices.
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