Los Angeles area Meetup

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  1. Jdesey


    Anyone interested in getting together on a regular basis to discuss trading?

    I live in Ventura County, work in Calabassas
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  4. The best traders are weird anti-social loners, in my opinion -- not your average typical guy, or person, who likes to hangout and chatter and be normal and casual, o_O

    This is what I atleast gather...from observing the Japanese trader BNF,
    and to a lesser extent another Japanese trader CIS and American Dan Zanger,

    The only 'social' people/traders...are people who are in the business of promoting something...like Tim Sykes,
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  5. Overnight


    I call BS on that statement.

    Nothing wrong with chilling with others of our own ilk. Plain old trader peeps. I'm willing, if there are peeps in the New England area. *shrugs*
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    And great wealth will follow.

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    This is how I know Vanz is a normal human being. Because nobody in their right mind would post that and think it is normal. Worst car ever. Therefore, I digress...Vanz has a normally messed-up head. This is a positive sign due to the ad he posted. It is complicated, sorry. If hot magma would allow me to post cuss words it would be more clear to the readers of this thread, but I have to stay subdued until hot Magma releases me. I am on his shit-list, as it were.
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    Didn't George Costanza buy one, one he thought belonged to actor Jon Voight?
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    Exactly... thats an ongoing joke/slam between me and His Grouchiness ....(RRY16). Overnight didn't know.
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    Tsing Tao

    His Grouchiness?
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