lorida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio seeks to stave off foreclosure

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ynews/20100618/pl_ynews/ynews_pl2714

    Florida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio is defending his personal finances amid word that a home he co-owns with a state congressional hopeful has gone into foreclosure.

    According to the Palm Beach Post's Michael C. Bender, Rubio and state Rep. David Rivera were sued this week in Florida after skipping five months of mortgage payments on a Tallahassee house the two jointly purchased in 2005. Rubio, then a member of the Florida House, and Rivera shared the property when both were in Tallahassee for state business. Rivera is now running for the GOP nomination in Florida's 25th Congressional District.

    According to a filing with the Leon County clerk's office, Deutsch Bank National Trust initiated foreclosure proceedings June 11 after the pair stopped making mortgage payments in February. Rubio and Rivera purchased the house for $135,000 back in March 2005. According to court documents, the balance of their mortgage today is $134,795. An online real estate listing shows the three-bedroom home currently priced at $136,500, having gone on the market in April.

    Rubio's campaign tells the Miami Herald the two candidates stopped making monthly payments because of a dispute with the bank over mortgage terms. According to a letter the campaign provided to the Herald, the two paid $9,525 to the bank Thursday to cover the late payments — though the payment has yet to be reflected in any court filings, and the property still remains in foreclosure proceedings.

    This isn't the first time Rubio's personal finances have come under scrutiny. As the Associated Press' Brent Kallestad reports, Rubio charged nearly $110,000 to the Florida GOP's credit card while he served as speaker of the state House, including dozens of personal expenses such as car repairs, plane tickets for his family and groceries. He later reimbursed the party for nearly $2,500 in charges he said were mistakenly placed on the card.

    — Holly Bailey is a senior politics writer for Yahoo! News.
  2. Doesn't he represent the party of fiscal responsibility ? :confused:
  3. Nothing wrong with him and his male friend buying a house together so get your minds out of the gutter :cool: