Loozer Cubs Fans

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  1. Well, as the MLB regular season draws to a close, the Cubbies sit with the worst record in the N.L.

    Why does the Lizard still have a job?

    Where are all the bandwagon White Sox fans that jumped ship from the cubbies last year?


    Chicago Cubs, the most pathetic baseball organization in history, and the Cubs fans the dumbest sports fans ever...
  2. Well if you'd get your fat ass off the computer... and go sit in Wrigley Field you'd know that there's more to being a fan than what the score is. I guarantee 10 z if you try you'll not only lose weight, but you'll also get some sun, and your post count rate of increase will plummet . What do you want your gravestone to read?:(
  3. nitro


    The Cubs are losers, but I can't say it is not through lack of trying by mangement anymore. Now they are just losers. Before they were pathetic losers.

    As to the fans, many of them are pathetic too in that they think it is fun to sit there and watch a team lose 100 games. But remember, most that go and see a Cubs game don't pay to go and see the game. It is the companies that buy Cubs tickets and give them away as perks to employees and clients. So like sheep the "fans" go to the games out of inertia. No one in their right mind would put hard earned money to go and see this team lose, packing a stadium watching a team lose nearly 100 games.

    Throwing the ball back after an opposing team home run. What a joke. What an insult to the game imo. No wonder the baseball gawds continue to frown on the Cubs.

    As to the White Sox, they are a great team that didn't make it. But they play baseball the way it is supposed to be played, and are fun to watch.

    As to the lizzard, I estimate one chance in thirty he is the Cubs manager next year.

  4. Sounds like a loozer cub fan to me...attacking the messenger.




    Cub fans go to the yard to drink, loozers....

    Bartman! Bartman! Bartman!

  5. Nothing at all loveable about the Cubs.

    Harry Caray would not be pleased. Even old Harry couldn't drink enough to make the Cubs look good.

    The Cubs ruined both Wood and Pryor, just plain pathetic, and I know he was injured, but I told you Derrek Lee was a one shot wonder.

    Notice how well Nomar is doing since he left the Cubs?

  6. The Cubs are an insult to this city. Same thing goes for their fans. I hate that part of town..
  7. who the hell follows baseball now anyway? We are headed to week 4 of the NFL BabbBbbyy

    ...btw....all the cub fans left a month ago to go to DA BEARS games.
  8. Just a suggestion to Cubs fans, next time you buy groceries, and they ask "Paper or Plastic" choose paper.

    Then when you go to the next Cubs game, you can wear it over your head, like other fans who truly care about baseball do.

    <img src=http://www.baltimoresun.com/media/photo/2005-08/18758852.jpg>
  9. John47


    What do professional sports do...i.e. what service does this business provide to their customers (the fans).

    If you said anything other than entertainment/a good time your wrong.

    If your a young person living in north chicago/wrigleyville, going to a game is great time, win, lose, or draw. Its about the atmosphere/culture of the area and bars etc.

    If your a little older and wanna take your kids to the game, same thing.

    Pro sports is a business, they provide a good time, and the Trib has a gold mine because the wrigleyville area/ cubs culture provides a good time without the nuisance of paying for a good team.

    I live in wrigleyville and don't care much for baseball, but like many paying customers, I love to go to a game, cheer, stay for a few innings, then go to the bars because its a great time.
  10. Well Z, we agree on this. The cubs suck and as long as people keep filling the stands they'll continue to suck. The organization has zero incentative to improve their roster. I do enjoy watching them blow leads though. You can just feel the anguish of the cubbie fans. It's great!
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