Looting in NYC

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  1. Looting begins in NYC
    October 30, 2012, 12:38PM

    Concerns regarding looting in New York started days ago before Hurricane Sandy even hit the lower tip of Manhattan. A report coming in from NY Scanner, a tweeter who monitors New York City's public safety channel, stated that NYPD officers have been dispatched to the 60th precinct to help out with mobs who are looting storefronts:

    NYPD's 60th precinct was unavailable for comment.
    The Gothamist is also reporting that looting occurred in downtown Manhattan at the South Street Seaport and New York State Senator Malcolm Smith told NY1 he saw reports that described looting in Queens.

    The New York City Amateur Radio Emergency Communication Service (NYC-ARECS) is reporting :

    'Chief of Department' of the #NYPD now @ Coney Island with the boys in blue from many precincts trying to stop the looting crowds
    #NYPD escalating mass looter situation to a 'Level One' asking for the Boro Task Force for manpower to come assemble at location
    Police in Coney Island shouting into the radio "mass looting over here." Other precincts helping out. #nyc
    Officers from 67 and 66 precincts helping in the 60 with the looters running rampant in Coney Island #brooklyn #nyc #sandy

    <img src='http://media.washtimes.com/media/image/2012/10/30/screen-shot-2012-10-30-at-14249-pm.png'>

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    There is always looting by those who think they are entitled and don't have an over riding concience or religious belief.

    They were planning looting campaigns on twitter before the storm even hit.
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    And to think, my friends think I'm some crazy ol' prepper when I talk about how I have plans for a nice cabin in the mountains.
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    One thing I couldn't help but notice tonight while sitting on the porch waiting for trick or treaters. I'd tell them to take what they wanted from the bowl of candy.
    The vast majority of white kids would take one or sometimes two pieces and almost always say thank you. Most of the black kids would grab one to three hand fulls and rarely say thank you. Is that some sort of cultural thing?
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    Let me axe you sumpin
  10. The entitlement mentality starts young doesn't it?
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